EU Regulation

At the end of 2015, the European Union adopted a new regulation on data privacy, set to enter into force throughout the EU in April 2018. This regulation, in addition to establishing heavier sanctions (4% of turnover or €20M in fines), also includes new kinds of protections that companies must implement. They include.

  • Privacy by design: Applications must be designed from the start to protect privacy.
  • Data minimization: Data controllers may only collect the data they will use for a specific purpose.
  • Data anonymization: Correlation between data and user identity must be removed, making pseudonymization tools a must.

Regulation-Compliant Workflow

We designed our product line to help companies take on a progressive approach to personal data privacy. From an audit of existing measures to management of consent already given to supervision tools for user data, Magush offers you a full set of solutions to meet your needs.


The most frequently used opt-in solutions don’t allow companies to fully trace user consent. What’s more, changes over time in terms and conditions of use for products are rarely processed, whether on the user or company side. Establishing a formal data use contract between users and companies, especially concerning users’ acceptance of terms and conditions, makes the relationship official and simplifies or even eliminates risks of later disputes. The consent management tool can also help collect requests for data portability, the right to be forgotten, and access to personal data, as set out in the law.

A Trusted Third Party

A third party independent of the user and the company should be responsible for authenticating and archiving this contract. Magush has built a signature system based on a private blockchain to take charge of authentication and archiving of the contract for all its clients, guaranteeing full independence, security, and durability.