Key points:

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Expert of IOT and communication protocols
  • Specialist on Data Privacy and European Regulation
  • Forerunner of the IP based object communication

Graduate from a French engineering school, he started working on residential service infrastructure in 1999.
He created in 2001 the company Digital Home Concept that designs and builds IP home automation (foreshadowing of what is now called connected objects). Digital Home Concept designed the Ex-Domus software that was chosen by Microsoft for its Media Center.
Digital Home Concept makes R&D for LegrandSchneider, EDF.
In 2007, he sold the company to the Hager group. The Digital Home Concept team becomes the software research center of Hager.
Since 2009, he acts as a consultant for major companies (Leroy Merlin, Syntec Numérique …) to implement digital services and urban residential structures.
In 2012, he started working with the world’s fourth largest DIY retail company to build a Connected-Home project, integrating Artificial Intelligence and LPWAN (low-power wide area network). Member of the LoRa Alliance he won the Global IOT Challenge in Las Vegas in 2016. He designed the IOT data platform, and built the ecosystem partnerships.
Specialized in innovation and connected objects, he is speaker on several congresses and supports many innovative projects.